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About WellBeing for Everybody

"The biggest difference?

I can sleep now."

~ Evan E.

"When things go awry in my life,

instead of just 'poppin' off' and reacting, I'm able to pause and consider how I'm feeling and why, and then be thoughtful about what I do next. I can calm and center myself and that's one thing I've never been able to do."

~Zina G. 

"This work, it is about myself,

but it's everyone enriching

themselves together."

 ~ Therese P. 

"It didn't happen

right away,

it's been growing in me.

It' s an enhancement...

I'm more focused than

I was before." 

~ JoAnn E. 

"Thoughtful, intentional exploration...

a valuable experience,

and sharing it with others

was as beneficial

as the self investigation." 

~ Elizabeth M.

"I was feeling stuck for a

long time. This has given me

a different perspective.

I can see new possibilities.

The exploration, the community...

It's life changing."

~Jenna J.

About SomaSkills 

"This program helped me

understand myself and

my peers better.

When I do the exercises 

 I am more calm and focused. I like how much more aware I am

and how much

happier I am." 

~ RLHS participant

"Everywhere I’ve been,

schools have talked about how

we can incorporate

some sort of mindfulness practice, but it’s hard,

it’s difficult.

It takes a particular skill set ....and I haven’t seen it done

until now."

~ Dana Q. 

Principle, Red Lodge High School

"This program changed

my life.

I learned really great

tools that I can use

every day and I know they

will help me

in the future too."

~ RLHS participant

About Coaching

"I started working with Rebekah

in a time of deep loss

and overwhelming grief.

I couldn't sleep,

couldn't eat,

could barely get out of bed.

Her unique understanding of

'being human' helped me

better understand myself

and she offered practical

pathways out of the darkness.

Our powerful bodywork sessions

and the simple practices

she shared helped me

'be with' and process my grief

in productive ways.

With her support, I was able

to reconnect with meaning,

joy, and renewed purpose."


"Working with Rebekah

is helping me embody

the tools and strategies I need

to process my trauma as

a Black woman existing in a

predominately White world. 

I am better able to self-regulate and

process my emotions in healthy ways.

I have always struggled with

boundaries, but am now

more capable of standing my ground

without feeling guilty about it.

Her body-mind approach is

simple, yet powerful

and our work together

has been life changing."

~ M. G. 

"Coaching with Rebekah supports me in living and taking action

in the world from a

grounded and centered place. 

Her encouragement, powerful questions, and deep listening

have created a healing space

for me to address

long-held trauma within

my physical body.

Her extensive knowledge

of bodywork, anatomy,

somatics, mindfulness

and trauma healing

creates a powerful approach

to holistic living."


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