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WellBeing for Everybody
Tuesdays at 6 pm MT  (check your time zone here)



WBEB is a unique, community-based approach to cultivating personal and collective wellbeing. We are people of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs applying practical, neuroscience-based skills and strategies to better manage stress, interrupt patterns of self-sabotage, shift unhealthy habits, and energize our body-mind-spirit.

Research proves: We're better together.
Ancient wisdom tells us, and modern science confirms, humans have a fundamental need to connect. We experience a positive biochemical reaction when we feel seen and heard by others. It deepens our experience, it's energizing, and reminds us that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. WBEB is not a lecture series, our sessions are interactive and participatory. We gather to practice as a community and the experience is made richer through everybody's contribution.

Weekly sessions
Our 30-minute sessions are on Tuesdays, 6 pm MT via Zoom. Typical sessions include: 

  • Small group check-ins

  • Body-mind practice

  • Space for individual reflection

  • Group check-out

No need to R.S.V.P. or sign-up from week to week, simply drop-in to sessions as you are able.

New to Zoom? We've got you covered! 

Monthly challenges  
Challenges include a variety of action-oriented practices designed to reinforce new skills and daily practices. They are posted on the WBEB page on the first of every month and explored in our weekly sessions.

Topics of exploration
Awareness, body-mind basics, strengths, purpose, legacy, rest and play, routine and ritual, authentic communication, and much more!

Join the year-round WBEB community
Get Registered and for just $8/month you will have access to
- Weekly sessions
- Monthly challenges 
- Extended-length guided mediations

- Inspiring and educational content, and more.

Have some unanswered questions? Check the FAQ page or connect via email

*Money should never be a barrier to healing and wholeness. Reach out if you need financial assistance.
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