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Do I need to have my own account to access Zoom? 

   No, simply download the software and follow the link. See below for instructions to set up your Zoom access.

When will I receive my Zoom login information?

  Login info arrives in your inbox along with your assessment results and the WellBeing Toolkit with 48 hours of completing your        Registration & WellBeing Assessment. 

What's my weekly time commitment?

  Less than an hour a week, that includes a 30-minute Zoom session, plus whatever you put into the Challenge.

What if I'm going to be late?

  The Zoom room will be open 5 minutes prior to the session's start. If you are running behind, don't stress but please note we             will not be able to admit anybody 5 minutes past the start time.


  1. Download and install the free Zoom video conferencing software in advance by clicking here. If you are unfamiliar with the Zoom platform, check out this one minute video about joining these virtual meetings. 

  2. There are two options for joining the sessions:

    1. join on a device such as a laptop, desktop, or smartphone with a reliable Wifi connection, web camera, and microphone

    2. or dial in by phone.

  3. If joining on a device, using a headset or earbuds with a microphone typically results in better audio quality and also offers more privacy to the group experience.

  4. If you experience technical troubles during a session, message our Tech Person using the "chat" feature. If you need additional assistance outside of our sessions, click here for Zoom support. 

*Money should never be a barrier to healing and wholeness. Reach out if you need financial assistance.
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