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8-Week WellBeing Intensive

Take a deep dive into whole-person health as we focus on balancing six key areas of life that either either energize or deplete us. Through experiential exercises, individual reflection activities, and small group explorations we tap into the energy of our purpose, passion, and potential. 
                                                2022 Sessions TBA   
WBEB is a year-round program offering continuity of community and personal practice for folks who have completed the WellBeing Intensive. Weekly online sessions and monthly challenges take the learning from the 8-week Intensive to the next level. 

1:1 Coaching

This individualized process offers support and structure as the "coachee" works towards self-elected goals to create change, heal from trauma, interrupt patterns of self sabotage, and adapt more resourcefully to change. The somatic approach is the ultimate life hack and supports powerful personal breakthroughs and lasting change. Ready to transform your life? 

Resilient Schools

Character Strengths-based curriculum and trainings for students, teachers, and administrators that offer practical tools and skills to face life's challenges. 
*Money should never be a barrier to healing and wholeness. Reach out if you need financial assistance.
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